AM In The PM #37: Our Complicated Relationships With Food

We both have complicated relationships with food. While our current living situations don’t lend themselves to healthy eating, that’s not a good excuse. Like everything else in life, progress in health is a process. We’re documenting our journey and hope our experiences can help others!

Mark has been through a couple of transformations with his diet and exercise routine throughout his life, but still is not where he’d like to be. He recently tried the carnivore diet but isn’t confident that it’s the best choice for him. His biggest issue is overeating. It’s something to control now, so it doesn’t negatively affect him one day.

Amanda has tried some diets in the past but really doesn’t want to restrict her food choices. She has some long-term digestive issues that might be improved by something more aggressive like the carnivore diet, but that isn’t an attractive option to her. The knowledge and understanding of macronutrients would be of benefit and something like If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) might be the best option.

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